Week menu - Saturday

Cheese and spring onion pie

Pie of endless opportunities. With the same dough you can get thousands of different pies just changing the filling. It is possible to vary with the dough a bit as well.

300 ml wheat flour
100 ml low fat crème fraiche
75 g butter
pinch of salt
*optional: add dried or fresh herbs (parsley, basil, dill or other), paprika powder, pepper etc.

Mix all the ingredients together with the food processor. Today I added dried basil. Distribute the dough evenly in the cake pan. Keep it cool while making the filling.

3 eggs
250 g low fat crème fraiche
salt & pepper to taste
5 spring onions
bunch of fresh basil
150 g Parmesan cheese

Blend together eggs, crème fraiche, salt & pepper. Shred spring onions and basil small. Add them and grated Parmesan cheese into the mixture. Pour everything over the dough and bake in the oven at 225º C for 15 min.

Instead of spring onions you may put tomatoes, chicken and pineapple, ham and tomatoes, minced meat and paprika, sausage and mixed freezed vegetables etc. You may change Parmesan to other rich in taste cheese.


  1. Sounds so easy to make. Might throw in some spinach for good measure :)