Wedding anniversary lunch menu - part 3

And here comes the dessert!

Chocolate pillows topped with Thai basil pannacotta ring
filled with passion fruit

The only tricky thing in making this dessert was to find a pan for muffins and  a pan for rings that would match in diameter.  I luckily had matching ones. But to make it simple just bake the chocolate pastry in a regular low pan and cut the circles with the glass matching the rings. And to make it even more simple, pannacotta does not have to be in ring shapes at all.

Chocolate pillows

I baked chocolate pillows from chocolate cake pastry in low muffin pan. Even if I made only half of the portion, there was pastry left after filling all the pan. So the rest was baked in mini baking pan as a chocolate cake.
And oh, I baked the chocolate pillows a day before.

2 eggs
150 ml sugar
150 ml flour 405D
1,5 tbsp cocoa powder
1 tsp baking powder
2 tbsp boiling water

Beat egg whites with sugar. Mix together flour, cocoa and baking powder. Put it into the egg mixture. Add water. 
Bake in 250 C for 5-7 min. Leave it to cool down totally before taking out from the pan.

Thai basil pannacotta

I am sure it tastes good with simple basil also. Just Thai basil has some fresh sting from mint or lemon balm.
To know how much whip cream I will need to make pannacotta rings, I have filled the pan with water and measured it.
The main rule is to use 1 gelatin leaf per 100 ml whip cream.
In my case it was 130 ml whip cream and 1 1/3 gelatin leaf. And a bunch chopped Thai basil. If you like it sweeter, so add 1 tbsp sugar per 100 ml whip cream.

Put whip cream on boil, add gelatin leaves and Thai basil (optionally - sugar). Stir well and distribute in the ring pan or other low form (so you can cut circles by glass later on). Refrigerate for a few hours.

Top chocolate pillows with pannacotta. Top it with passion fruit, flour with icing sugar and decorate with Thai basil leaves.


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